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$25 Discount on Blacksmith Classes for First Responders, Military, & Teachers

Our Blacksmith instructor, Heinrich Hole, is offering an amazing and generous discount for those people who make our community a better place. Any First Responder—from dispatchers and EMTs to police officers and fire fighters—, any military or veterans, and any teacher who wants to learn how to blacksmith will recieve a $25 discount on any blacksmith class they take.

The normal prices for blacksmith classes are as follows: Level 1: $75

Level 2: $100

Level 3: $125 (for flast nib tongs) or $175 (for universal tonge).

These prices include all materials. And again, First responders, military, veterans, and teachers are now discounted $25 each class level. Classes are limited to 4 students—aged 18 and up. Register by calling 386-749-2959. A deposit of 50% class cost is required at registration.


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