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Help us care for the animals at The Settlement

We strive to provide the best care for our animal-friends because we love them. In fact, the cost of their care is among the Settlement’s biggest expenditures every year.  Because of that, we have figured out a way to let YOU help us help them. Sponsor a Settlement animal today; you will be giving much-needed money towards their food bills, shelter maintenance, and veterinary care.  

It is easy too! Pick one of our animals to sponsor and a sponsorship level—Animal Lover ($25), Animal Keeper ($50), or Animal Caretaker ($100). Then just fill out & mail in a sponsorship form. The higher the level of sponsorship you commit, the more Settlement swag you’ll score! Regardless of how much you give however, you’ll also receive our appreciation and the knowledge that YOU are helping keep the Settlement animals safe and happy!

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