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Our Pioneer Partners come in many shapes and sizes!


There are many ways to partner with the Barberville Pioneer Settlement.


Our partners play a key role in helping to provide for the Settlement’s future sustainability and growth—from meeting the needs for daily operations to underwriting the costs for the maintenance and preservation of our 18 historic structures.


From government entities providing grants for specific projects or funding for general operations, to the businesses, families and individuals that support us through annual memberships, donations and volunteer hours...we are grateful for each and every one.


Because of your support we are able to provide low cost high quality educational programs to over 10,000 school children a year and continue to live up to our mission to educate and entrust the public and future generations with knowledge of the pioneer lifestyle of our forefathers, through hands on experience, folk life demonstrations, preservation and historical exhibits.


Our vision is to one day become Florida’s premier living history destination and to have demonstrators on the grounds every day. We rely on our Pioneer Partners to help us make that vision a reality.

Patrons & Sponsors
Like a pump providing water we could not do it without you! 
Many thanks to our Event Sponsors and our Ambassador Level Members. 


Grant Support
Some support for the Barberville Pioneer Settlement comes through Grants for either specific projects or for general operations.
When it comes to advocacy, there is great power in numbers. Our partners may or may not have similar missions however we all share a similar goal.
Artifact Donations
Donations of historical items to Barberville Pioneer Settlement are welcome. Please contact us in advance and review our item donation policy.

The Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts Inc.,

DBA Barberville Pioneer Settlement, is licensed in the State of Florida as a 501(C)3 not for profit organization.

Solicitation Number CH15101 TIN # 59-1783985

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