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Our Partners


We have been fortunate to have formed many alliances throughout the years that are mutually beneficial. 

FABA meets at the Settlement's Blacksmith Shop on the first Saturdays of most months. 

For more details on FABA and their schedule please visit theie website

Joe and Katie Waller

Folk Fiddle and

Jackson Creek String Band.

Joe & Katie support the Barberville Pioneer Settlement in many ways. They handle the scheduling of all of the bands that play at our Fall Country Jamboree and the Spring Frolic. Joe and Katie have also been instrumental in helping to publicize our events as well. 

Ron and Carol Whisler 

Just in Time - Old Time Band

Wrangler Country Squares
Square Dance Club

Every Friday in the School House Auditorium



Rod & Carol Barngrover and their friends are dancing most every Friday night in the School House Auditorium. Schedule varies so call ahead!  Beginner classes from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Club dance - Square, Round, & Line Dancing 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Non-dancing visitors are always welcome at no charge
$5 per person / Free Refreshments
We dance mainstream & plus.

Call or text Rod Barngrover 386-749-4767. 

West Volusia Tourism Authority

Browse all there is to see and do in West Volusia.

Blogging is only part of what they do or us! They've got it going on when it comes to knowing whats going on!

Ron & Carol  handle the scheduling of all of the Free Workshops and the Jam Sessions that take place here at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement every First Saturday of the month.  They too help to publicize the happenings here.

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