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Storytellers of Barberville

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

People have been sharing stories since the beginning of time.  Before the written word, much of our history, cultural traditions, morals, and skills were passed by word of mouth.  It is how we learned where to hunt, how to care for each other, and how we passed on our history.  Today the Barberville Storytellers continue that tradition.


Come out and sit a spell to hear funny, heart-warming, and just plain fun stories!

Storytellers from around Central Florida gather together to share their tales at various events at the Settlement.  For the monthly Playing on the Porches the tellers can usually be found in the barn and for the Fall Jamboree and Spring Frolic they are in the tent across from the Schoolhouse. A variety of different storytellers usually perform in 25-minute sets sharing family-friendly stories that are appropriate for all ages. Depending on the month, the themes can range from

ghost stories to historical yarns to holiday tales.

If you are interested in being a Settlement Storyteller, please contact the coordinators at


Storytellers who will perform at the 47th Annual Fall Country Jamboree are:

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