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Our Friends

Dear Friends,

Keeping history alive and well, demonstrating the value of yesteryears, learning from the past, and instilling respect of historical artifacts, is needed now—today—more than ever!

Here at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement, we strive to provide this most significant element of our mission to your children and grandchildren.

We sorely miss being busy with field trips and look forward to the days when our schedule is full, and our days are bursting with the chatter and laughter of hundreds of children once again.

Since closing in March, due to the health pandemic, we have had very few field trips. Sadly, it looks like this trend is going to continue. More than 4,000 students and chaperones have already missed out—or will be missing out—this year on a field trip to the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. And that number could be even higher if they are unable to return in November.

Through recent communication with the administration team at Volusia County Public Schools, we’ve learned that field trips will not be allowed to resume until at least after the first semester which is at the end of October. Our potential loss of field trip revenue, will by that time, be at least $24,700.00. A loss that will be most difficult for us to recover.

Our good friends, Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous and Joyce Benedict, recognize this hardship. They have agreed to match donations up to $15,000.00!

Won’t you help them to help us? Every dollar you contribute will assist us to get through this financial struggle.

We’ve been overawed with the generosity supporters like you have shown to the Settlement during this unusual time. We understand that all of us are facing difficulties, trying to survive and that not everyone is in a position to give monetarily. The sharing of this newsletter, following us on social media, donating items to sell in our store, and volunteering are also ways that can provide a positive impact on our future.

The day will come when this will be behind us and you will be proud to say that you helped us get through!

Your support of our mission helps us to instill a passion for, and the respect of, history in a young person’s heart.

I thank you all once again for your generous gifts! 

Debra Ann West

Executive Director

Double your

Impact!!  Donations made by

October 31st, up to $15,000.00

are being matched.

Call 386-749-2959 or mail to Barberville Pioneer Settlement, PO Box 6, Barberville, FL 32105

1776 Lightfoot Lane
Barberville, Florida 32105


Phone: 386-749-2959
Fax. 386-749-2087




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