History Matters for Kids - Preserving our historic buildings for future generations

Proceeds from the sales of the Strawberry Short Cake at the recent Strawberry Fest went to fund our on going History Matters for Kids campaign!

Here is an easy way for you to show your support of the historic preservation going on daily here at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement.

We are lucky to see daily the importance of sharing history with your children and grandchildren. We witness first hand every year the excitement of more than 10,000 elementary school age children as they experience the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the "days of old".

Imagine how it would be if these thousands of children didn't have the opportunity to visit a place like ours to learn about what life was like here in Florida in the late 1800's and early 1900's. What if they didn't get to dip candles and dream of how it would be to live in a time before electricity and smart phones. What if they didn't get to see the blacksmith forging a hook or hear the hiss of the hot iron when it hits the cool water or the pound of the hammer on the anvil? How sad it would be for them to not learn first hand the hardships our ancestors faced daily for survival. Like feeding the farm animals, tending the garden, gathering eggs, making butter and spinning and weaving for clothes and blankets.

Our hands on activities compliment your children's classroom learning which help to instill the lessons of early Florida lifestyle. Holding these activities in our historic buildings like the schoolhouse, cabin, wood shop, blacksmith shop and others help to bring history to life for these young minds.

Our adult visitors also reminisce of a time before everything became automatic. Many of which have fond memories of a visit here on a field trip when they were in elementary school.

These programs would not exist if we could not provide them in a safe and stable environment like we do. That is why our infrastructure is also important to you.

The preservation, upkeep and continued maintenance of our historical structures is fundamental to our existence and essential for our ability to provide an authentic backdrop for our educational programs. Not to overlook that many of these structures also house thousands of historical artifacts.

Many of our 18 structures are in need of some type of repair. We are looking forward to a new roof for the Astor Bridge House in January 2017. The Turpentine Still and Past Time Tour Boat are next on the list along with finishing the restoration of Volusia County's oldest brick residence. The Huntington Post Office is in need of repairs as it was pushed of its foundation during the hurricane in October. Future plans include a complete restoration of the historic Joseph Underhill House where we can demonstrate brick making and show that even the upper middle class of the time period had to work hard.

In November we launched a campaign on Go Fund Me called History Matters for Kids. Your contributions to this campaign whether you choose to participate on line or off line will be set aside specifically for improvements to our buildings and infrastructure.

We set a goal of $15,000 (which is just the beginning of this on going fundraiser) to cover some of the immediate repairs and restoration projects here at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement.

Check out our page at Go Fund Me to see where we are with our efforts, to make a donation and/or share our campaign with people you know.

For questions or comments or to make an off-line contribution please contact Debra West at dwest@pioneersettlement.org or call 386-749-2959.

Thank-you in advance for your donation!

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