Dance Party - A 40th Anniversary Celebration

Kick up your heels as we kick-off our first special event commemorating our 40th Anniversary.

Join us as we begin our year-long celebration of the founding of the Barberville Pioneer Settlement.Beginners and all ages welcome on Saturday, January 9th 2016, 10am-6pm for our First Dance Party and Special Americana Roots Concert.

The Dance Workshops and Demonstrations will take place in the morning form 10am –12pm featuring Old Fashioned Barn/ Contra, English Country, Scottish, Square, Waltzing and Ballroom.

The Barberville Pioneer Settlement is happy to welcome Callers; Alice Milmoe, Pat Czar, Rod Barngrover, Pam Russo, Tina Piejak as well as Demonstrators; Adison and Evan Julian of Promenade Action. The day’s music will be provided by Jackson Creek, Loners Junction, Celery City & Meridian.

At 1pm the Dance Party begins and lasts until 4pm when we make room for the special Americana Roots concert that begins at 4:30pm featuring International Touring Artists - Suzanne & Jim - Song-Chasers.

If you enjoy the music and dancing at our Spring Frolic and Jamboree you will love this fun dance filled event! Open to beginners and all ages it all takes place in the Barberville Central High School auditorium. Come out and help us kick-off our 40th anniversary and make sure you bring your dancing shoes!

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